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Tips for a Fail-less Wedding

Tips for a Fail-less Wedding

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1. Always have a backup plan if your wedding is outside.

2. Keep your menu simple and delicious. Offer a vegetarian meal.

3. Book in advance, and make sure your wedding is not the same weekend as the big game or conference. Your guests won’t come if they can’t get a hotel room.

4. Keep an emergency contact list of all your vendors in case your limo driver gets lost or your caterer is running late.

5. Provide bug spray for your guests or have tiki torches with repellent in them if your wedding will be outside.

6. Wind can come unexpectedly. Make sure all the furniture and tents are locked in place.

7. Prioritize your guest list early, so if your expenses start to get high, you’ll have an idea of who to remove from your guest list without getting stressed out.

8. Have a schedule but don’t worry if things get a little out of order. This is supposed to be the best day of your life, and stress always leads to a disaster.

9. Provide accurate driving directions to your venue.

10. Figure out your social media game plan. If you want a phone free service, make sure to mention that to your guests.

11. If you want pictures outside, don’t be surprised when your dress gets a little dirty. The pictures will be worth it.

12. You can’t make everyone happy. Just focus on planning a day that you’ll remember.

13. Pack an emergency sewing kit in case your dress rips or a zipper breaks.

14. Give your best man, hosts and maid of honor a time limit for their speeches.

15. Don’t forget to eat on your big day. You don’t want to faint in front of all your guests.

16. Provide entertainment for your guests in between the ceremony and reception. You don’t want your guests to be bored.

17. Give your DJ or band music suggestions. You don’t want to be stuck listening to EDM all night if you are more of a Frank Sinatra girl.

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